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Would you ever travel forward in time if you knew it would be a one-way trip?

Mr. Martin James has no such desire, but a cruel twist of fate sends him hurtling through the years as his children grow up and his wife grows older. Only an elusive group of scientists have the ability to stop his nightmarish journey, but finding them could prove difficult. And while Martin James hopes to find a cure before everyone he loves is gone, others are uncertain if his journey can be stopped at all.

W Lawrence weaves a future history filled with the best and worst of humanity, highlights the blessings and curses of technology, and pushes the limits of faith and hopelessness. Above all, SYNCING FORWARD is a tale of one man’s love for his family, and their devotion to saving him from being lost forever.

Sample blog post blurb you can use about the book:

I’m so excited to tell you about W Lawrence’s new book – SYNCING FORWARD! The book is so much more than just a science fiction novel. It has a writing style like some of the biggest scifi classics but it emotionally pulls you IN like THE TIME TRAVELERS WIFE. It is part scifi, part thriller, part adventure, part contemporary fiction!

SYNCING FORWARD is independently published, but that isn’t a bad thing!  W Lawrence believes in this project so much that he chose to self publish in order to have complete control of the publishing process! It has undergone multiple edit sessions, with two
professional editors. It even has a great cover! He has spared no expense to insure the story not only got out there, but was a joy for us to read.

To learn more about SYNCING FORWARD or W Lawrence,  You can purchase your copy ofSYNCING FORWARD on Amazon or B&N.  You can follow W Lawrence on Twitter @syncingforward or on his Facebook Page.

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