Editor Rachel Starr Thomson

C.S. Lakin recommended Thomson for doing my manuscript’s copyedit.  Having never been through the process before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Thomson has a very good eye for detail, capturing inconsistencies in descriptions, flip-flopped names, and some areas where the structure of the story was failing. She also gave me plenty of comments on where the story was doing well, reassurances which I needed as I stared down hundreds of corrections.  Rachel Starr Thomson was a delight to work with.

Editor C.S. Lakin

As a first time author, I had no idea how to find an editor. There are gobs of freelancers and plenty of free advice. I spoke with a half dozen editors before finding Lakin’s website Live Write Thrive quite by accident.  I read through the tremendous free resources and de-cided to contact her.

Lakin performed a professional critique on Syncing Forward, found me a copyeditor that met my budget, and wrapped it all up with a proofread. She communicated every step of the way and gave me sound advice, including changing my title (originally it was A Century of Tears). Quite honestly, I think I would have given up on the book without her help and I can’t thank her enough.

You may find an editor’s comments tough to swallow. Just remember you are hiring them to make your book better. If you want somebody to tell you your book is wonderful, hire your mother. If you want somebody to make you successful, hire C.S. Lakin.