To Thine Own Self publishes November 2017

Syncing In series

November 2017, I published the second novel in the series Syncing In. When I came up with the concept, I actually shuddered at the ruthlessness of it, wavered at its publication, and even asked my wife if she thought it a mistake to put it out there. She gave it a green light, and so off it went to the editor. When it came back, the ending had a notation that read “Nicely brutal.”

Like Uncanny Sally, this story can be read independently from both Syncing Forward and Uncanny Sally as well. The goal was to create stories that can be picked up by anyone and enjoyed without any other context, yet a whole new level of fulfillment exists for the reader who takes them all on.

Unlike Uncanny Sally, the story shows a heavy-handed side to Amara James that was only eluded to in Syncing Forward. If you enjoy the story, feel free to drop me a note – I would love to hear from you.


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