A new novelette – Uncanny Sally

For the better part of two years, I worked on a novel called One Way Window. But after running it past the editor, it became apparent that the book needed extra work. However, as the three year anniversary of Syncing Forward’s original publication approached, I found it more difficult to wait to put something –anything– out there to stay relevant. So I switched gears, shelved One Way Window temporarily, and cranked out a novelette that I had floating around in my head for a long time.

Uncanny Sally is the first novelette in a series called Syncing In: the Case Files of Amara James. It follows the daughter of Martin James and her attempts to save her father through her work at the Department of Homeland Defense.  The story is an homage to Isaac Asimov and his books on robotics, and also gives readers a stronger look at the tortured life of Amara. But it also allows me to bring up technologies that are within our grasp, and explore ethical choices that we are going to be forced to make. Robotics, nanotechnology, genetic alterations… These will most likely happen in your lifetime and undoubtedly in your children’s lifetime.  They aren’t a matter of “if” but “when.”

There are several stories already planned, and a sequel in the works to Syncing Forward. But in the meantime, please pick up a copy and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “A new novelette – Uncanny Sally

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the kind words. You will be happy to know that To Thine Own Self published two days ago. You will get quite a new look into Amara’s character. In addition, a third story is already in the works.

      If you feel inclined, please leave a review for me on Amazon. And remember that there is no better way to encourage a writer than by referring his work to a friend.

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